My life as a working college student started when I was an incoming 3rd year college student when my guardians cannot anymore sustain the financial support that they are giving to me. Ask me why I only have guardians instead of parents, well they are all gone, my mom was gone to heaven and my dad was gone abroad but got bad luck and didn’t find a pleasant job and ended with nothing while going home here in the Philippines. That is why my guardians (Lola, Lolo and some Tita’s) decided to let me try my luck on applying as a working college student at Filamer Christian College in their Work Student Program Organization headed by their coordinator Mrs. Esther B. Sarmiento. So i tried my luck and went to its summer training for applicants last summer 2007 and got my luck to be an official working college student last Aug 13 of the same year and got assigned at the Research and Dev’t. Center of the school headed by Research Coordinator Mrs. Donna A. Casio. Now, after a year of being a working college student, its been so meaningful to me because i was able to experience working for myself, i am the one paying for my tuition fee and sometimes sustaining my daily allowance. I was also able to experience jobs that I might also experience after graduation. It add so much meaning in my college life that I will treasure forever.

Well, I might finish my thesis first.. hehe… ^^,\m/ Goodluck to me!!

1 semester is over, 1 semester to go, then college life ——> is over!!!! ahaha…