It’s been a while since I last modified my posts in my blog, actually I can’t remember when is the last time I’ve modified them, it’s nice that date last modified is shown in each of your post. The reason is  that I’ve become much busy doing our thesis, which is our requirement for this coming graduation, I really hope that I could able to graduate this year. But now that things are in there proper places and I already know how to handle them, I could now get a time updating and modifying my blog again. Anyway for those people who able to comment on some of my post, much much thank you to all of you guys.

And its really been a while for me to blog things up that i did not even realize that the first inter school seo contest in now on going, I’ve waited for that event to come, but suddenly, because of being busy in our thesis I didn’t manage to join the contest, but I’m so proud to be a capiznon because we are really well known now in the seo optimization world.  What move me the most is the keyword that they chose for the inter school seo contest because it really caught the attention of all the bloggers out there, “Hectic Capiznon Blogger 2009“.

To all the bloggers out there, peace out! Rock on blogging! ^^\m/


OJT or On-Job-Training, a required activity for the completion of requirements for the subject CS411 of the course BSCS (Bachelor of Science in Computer Science). As a student of that course I’ve encountered my OJT last Summer 2008, I’ve done my OJT at a call center in Roxas City, it was The House of the Way located at Mansion Road, Fuentes Subd. Brgy X1, Roxas City. Having an OJT at a call center is a risk for me because i have to take my duty at night and at the morning I still have my summer class and duty at the Research and Dev’t. Center of Filamer Christian College were I am working college student. Performing my OJT at the call center really makes me feel that I am truly a Computer Science Student in Roxas City, because I was already able to perform all the things that I’ve learned from 1st yr to 3rd yr as computer science student, I was able to perform networking and troubleshooting. I’ve really learned a lot from my OJT, through the employee, employers and to all the things that I’ve experienced during my OJT, all this things i now added to the memories that I will treasure forever in My College Life.


My life as a working college student started when I was an incoming 3rd year college student when my guardians cannot anymore sustain the financial support that they are giving to me. Ask me why I only have guardians instead of parents, well they are all gone, my mom was gone to heaven and my dad was gone abroad but got bad luck and didn’t find a pleasant job and ended with nothing while going home here in the Philippines. That is why my guardians (Lola, Lolo and some Tita’s) decided to let me try my luck on applying as a working college student at Filamer Christian College in their Work Student Program Organization headed by their coordinator Mrs. Esther B. Sarmiento. So i tried my luck and went to its summer training for applicants last summer 2007 and got my luck to be an official working college student last Aug 13 of the same year and got assigned at the Research and Dev’t. Center of the school headed by Research Coordinator Mrs. Donna A. Casio. Now, after a year of being a working college student, its been so meaningful to me because i was able to experience working for myself, i am the one paying for my tuition fee and sometimes sustaining my daily allowance. I was also able to experience jobs that I might also experience after graduation. It add so much meaning in my college life that I will treasure forever.

Well, I might finish my thesis first.. hehe… ^^,\m/ Goodluck to me!!

1 semester is over, 1 semester to go, then college life ——> is over!!!! ahaha…

College Student

College Student in Captivating Capiz

It was said by elders that the happiness of your schooling days are spent much happier in your high school days, I guess they were right because for me, your life as a College Student in Capiz must be treated as your mission or a goal to gain more knowledge and experience to prepare for your future life after you finish your college. Being a college student, you must prepare yourself to experience many kinds of things, good or bad you must treat those experience as lessons and learn from it. For me, my mission as a college student in capiz started when I first step my feet in the grounds of Filamer Christian College in the enrollment day, during that day that I enrolled I promise myself to always do my best in everything i do. I kept that word in mind until now that I am a 4th year student of my course Computer Science in the College of Computer Studies. Read the rest of this entry »

Official Seal of FCCSR

Official Seal of FCCSR

FCCSR – Filamer Christian College Student Republic

Last September 20, 2008 the annual leadership trainig seminar workshop was held at the Roblee Hall of FCC (Filamer Christian College), it was attended by all the student officials of every Department and Colleges of the school. The leadership training is one of the successfull events of the FCCSR, being one of the organizer of the event because I am a Senator of the organization. In the preparation process, although we’ve suffer a rush for the event, thank God we still manage got everything in place before the start of the event. We got 2 resource persons for the seminar workshop to speak about topics about leadership, we got Mr. Jomar D. Devano a Nursing Alumni of the college who talked about The Basic Parliamentary Procedures and Mr. Marvin A. Segura a CPU Alumni of Public Administration who talked about How to make a Bill and Resolution and its differences. We also prepared games and activities for the student officials that they really enjoyed. The event was ended with the department presentations which was really enjoyed by all the student officials, giving of certificates and picture taking follows then the closing ceremony.

What’s Pulaw? It means you spend the whole night by not sleeping rather doing something, ehem! I know what you are thinking… Hmmp! Well in my case I just the spend the whole night with my groupmates at Raoul Siason Jr.’s house by doing the remaining chapters of our thesis. Damn! I got no sleep at all, I made “Pulaw!”.

I also spend the whole night checking out other Blogs that is entering the Mini – SEO Contest of Captivating Capiz, I’m not one of those but I’m just a student trying to create blogs and probably get into it so that I can be a good blogger too! But I guess I can already be called a Blogger now, cause I do blog, right? Those Capizeños out there, we are part of the Three Star and One Sun Country, our beloved Philippines.

Mabuhay Capizeños! Mwah! ^^,\m/

Roxas City , the Seafood Capital of the Philippines is also capital of the Province of Capiz.

Roxas City’s first name was Capiz and then later changed into its present upon proclaiming it to be the capital of the Province of Capiz by Captain Diego de Artieda in 1569, upon discovering that the town of Capiz was near the sea where they can have better docking facilities. The Spaniards realized the long coastal cover to be trading and shipping center. Ports are later been constructed at Libas and Culasi.

Roxas City is at the Northeastern tip of the Island of Panay within the geographical coordinates of 122° 45’ longitude and 11° 35’ latitude. Its boundaries are: Visayan Sea on the North, Municipality of Panit-an on the South, Municipality of Ivisan on the West, and Municipality of Panay on the East. It is located 250 nautical miles southeast Manila, 118 kilometers northeast of Iloilo City, and 86 kilometers east of Kalibo, Aklan. Travel Time to Manila is 45 minutes by air and 18 hrs. by boat. Read the rest of this entry »

Photoshop had been a part of my daily life, as a desperate graphic designer i put all my effort in creating graphics and images which i can express my self and emotions. Photoshop is the best photo editing tool that i ever used, except that it is a user friendly software, its really easy to understand and learn.

Now that i have learned many things in using photoshop, i just can stop learning and learning more to gain more knowledge in using photoshop because creating graphics and expressing your emotions through it is a lifelong process that brings enjoyment into your life. And that is my mission, to learn more in using photoshop to be my future profession, to be a good graphic designer someday.

The domain you use for a your web site can have a huge impact in the way that humans and search engine spiders perceive it. Domain names were once so expensive that only those wanting to protect a brand or who could afford them owned them, now they are commonplace and if you know where to look, you could pick up a domain name for free.

Now that they are much easier to obtain, it is hard to take any site that does not have it’s own domain name very seriously. Without a domain name, a company is likely to be passed off as amateurish or seen to want to cut corners to save money. If you have a company site and you still haven’t got a domain name for your website, then you might want to think about getting one!